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Did You Know….

It is not fun, and Electricity kills a great many people
Worldwide every year.

A Current of 50mA (barely enough to make a low wattage lamp even glow)is sufficient to send your heart into a state called “Ventricular Fibrillation”, where the heart muscles are all working out of synchronization with each other.

Little or no blood is pump, and DEATH is within 3 minutes unless help is immediately at hand. If this happens, it is possible that with external heart massage that it might re-start, and occasionally it might even re-start by itself- rare, but it can happen.

The result of fatal Electrocution is that you will no longer be able to enjoy the hi-fi that you have spent so much time and money putting together, and all other earthly activities are similarly curtailed.


TURNSTILE Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Commonly known as EARTHING CENTRE is an ISO 9001: 2008 Company. It is focused, committed and dedicated to Managing Technology and providing solutions & services with reliability & integrity to the ultimate Customer satisfaction.

We understand the importance of Earthing/ Grounding to ensure greater personnel and equipment safety. We have a group of qualified, trained, expertise and experienced people to deliver customer satisfaction.

We are Happy with our achievements but we are Proud of our association with YOU. We have completed 10th year of Customers service in the field of EARTHING Management with more than 8000 Earthing successfully installed and commissioned across India. We are satisfied that we do not have a single unsatisfied customer in our fold.

We provide EARTHING of different modules for Electrical, Electronics, Communication, Data and Lightning protection.  We are specialized the field of Earthing Management and we have complete solution for Providing, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Earthing system that suits all types of soil conditions like normal, semi rocky and rocky and every climatic conditions.

We have trained and qualified technical support team to ensure Installation, Testing (Measurement of Earth resistance) and Commissioning of the best Earthing system in place. We have complete Solution of EARTHING.

We provide
EARTHING… Beyond Imagination.
Anywhere & Everywhere.


for making us No.1 in EARTHING Solution.

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